Tou no Madoushi – 008

Episode 8: Magic Factory


 After lunch, Lynn went back to the Association.

 That was to greet his master, the wizard Yuin.

 Yuin’s room was located beyond the school district, which was above the 10 to 49th floors belonging to the factory district.

 It was a place where Lynn, being a wizard apprentice, was not allowed to enter.

 Therefore, in order for Lynn to meet with Yuin, it was necessary for his master to descend to Renrill.

 After asking at a reception window in the association, he was told that Yuin was already in the waiting room.

 Asking for directions, he was told the location of the waiting room so Lynn headed there.

 When he entered the room, Yuin was already there. He wore the same black robe like the time he bought Lynn to this tower, dressed with a black hat and black shoes, his whole body was covered in black.

 For the first time, Lynn realized that Yuin was wearing the same robe as the people of the association.

“Hey, Lynn. It seems like you successfully passed the test”, Yuin spoke with his usual monotonic voice.

“Yes. Thank you.”

“I also heard you even manifested the Rygis sword. Quite the show, aren’t you? Wasn’t that the first time you used a ring? Not a lot of people can manifest the Rygis sword their first time.”

“…Thanks. “

 Not knowing if he was being praised or not, Lynn obediently offered his gratitude. Because Yuin’s way of speaking was always the same, it was hard to know if it somewhat contained some sarcasm.

 He never showed much emotions, so he always felt like he was grumpy or unhappy.

 Lynn wasn’t good at dealing with such people.

“Uhmm, about what should I do from now on…”

“Ohh, sorry. I don’t have the time to take care of you.”

 Yuin sighed and responded as if he had eaten something bitter. It was expressed in a way that made one wonder whether he was truly sorry or not. It was an attitude as if saying “I have my own circumstances”.

“Even if it doesn’t look like it, I’m a pretty busy person. I have to focus on my own research, and also, I got the work as a member of the Wizard Association. I don’t have the time to devise measures to help you with the Academy exams. Sorry but, you’ll have to deal with studying for the entrance exam by yourself.”

“Does master works for the Association?”

“That’s correct. I’m sure you’ve noticed at least that much, right? The wizards living in this tower wear a robe of different color depending on their residential district, occupation or title. This black robe. This is provided to the staff of the Association.”

“Then, about the progress report and the greetings to master that I should do once a month…”

“Ah, it’s alright if you don’t do those. Just think for a second. It’s a hassle to come down to Renrill to speak to each other, even if it’s just once a month. Furthermore, I sometimes go on business trips outside the tower. Don’t you think it’s horrible to have to adjust each other’s schedules every time?”

 Yuin spoke like a teacher admonishing a bad student.

“I understand.”

“Adding to that. Unlike students and teachers in the academy, the master-disciple relationship doesn’t mean the master goes out of his way to instruct the disciple. It’s one where both sides improve each other mutually. In addition to receiving the master’s teachings, the disciple must give a fresh perspective and have the awareness to further develop his master’s research. In that sense, you cannot even qualify as a disciple. Speaking frankly, you are useless. I can’t even give assignments to those who cannot read magic characters. At the very least, you need to be able to read and write magic characters. That’s how it is.”

“Yes. It is as you say.”

 Lynn nodded while smiling so as to not appear rude, even though it was clear that Yuin was sarcastic in his long speech.

“Well, first of all, you need to pass the Academy’s exam. That way, you’ll be able to enter and leave the city of Alfredo, located on the 90th floor. Alfredo would be much closer to my laboratory. If you pass the Academy’s entrance exam, then contact me again at that time.

 Ending with that, Yuin stood up and proceeded to leave the room.

“Eh— please wait. How do I contact you, master?”

“Ah, about that, just ask the Association. They’ll tell you my address. Well, not like you’re going to use that address anyways.”

 Without looking at Lynn, Yuin just ended the conversation and walked away.


 After parting with Yuin, Lynn joined Theo, whom had waited for him at the reception of the Association.

“Sorry. I had you waiting.”

“It’s okay. What did your master say? “

“You were right, Theo. He said he was busy and that I should take care of myself. And that I need to pass the entrance exam of the Academy first.”

“I guessed so. I’ve been there before.”

“My master thinks I won’t be able to pass the exam and won’t be accepted in the Academy.”

“Is that so? “

“Yes. he said 『Well, not like you’re going to use that address anyways』”, Lynn added, feeling a little gloomy.

“What a thing… for your master to say. Don’t let that worry you. “


 Leaving the Association behind, Lynn and Theo walked down the street. They now had to go towards the factory where Lynn would work from now on.

 Elevators were installed everywhere and trucks came and went, moving the goods of the factory constantly.

 There were children the same age as Lynn, adults and even older people.

 They all seemed to be wizard apprentices.

 Upon resting his gaze on this sight, Lynn couldn’t help but to remember the words of the person in the Association about being a wizard apprentice for the rest of their lives.

 The person in charge of the factory was an old man with a black disheveled beard.

 The grey soot covering his black robe would easily make people not notice him belonging to the Association.

“Oh, are you Lynn? I heard from the Association already. You’ll work as a cargo mover. It’s a beginner’s job. Oh, it’s great that you came too. Oi, Theo. Show him how to do it.”


 Theo walked towards the cargo that had been unloaded from an elevator while taking his cane out.

 That cargo was wrapped in a heavy metal box, and it was obvious that it couldn’t be lifted by a child’s strength no matter how hard he tried.

 After reading the paper that was attached to the cargo, Theo pointed the cane towards it and casted a spell.

 Then, the box rose from the ground.

 In addition, when Theo shook his cane, the cargo accelerated and flew towards the elevator the cane was pointed at.

 Before reaching the elevator’s tray, the cargo slowed down and gently landed on it. After that, Theo ran to the elevator and casted another spell.

 Lifting the load, the elevator then rose up.

“Well, something like that. Just because magic is convenient, we can’t leave it all to the elevator. The cargo’s destinations are different for each one. So, it isn’t like we can let the cargo chose its own destination arbitrarily. A person’s ability is still needed to a certain extent. You’ll do this until you fulfill a daily quota. The quota is two hundred pieces. If you can’t reach your quota, you’ll get no salary for that day. You can’t leave and finish the rest the next day. I also don’t mind letting you go home as long as you’ve met the quota. I’m guessing you’ll be studying for the Academy’s entrance exam. So, you might want to finish your job as soon as possible. Therefore, if you want to go home earlier, reach your quota. Do you understand everything so far? “

“Yes. It’s okay.”

“The cargo may vary from tens to hundreds of kilograms each, but if you use a cane, it will amplify the power of your magic and you’ll be able to carry them. It pretty much impossible to do it without a cane. Unless you’re a high-ranking wizard. Well, it’s plain to see that you won’t be able to. The cane comes from your own pocket. A cane is kind of a pride for a wizard. Unlike other magic tools, a cane is essential.  So, be sure to get one by tomorrow.”

 After that, Lynn and Theo moved their feet towards the cane shop.

 Next time, Episode 9 “How to choose a cane”



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